jeudi 14 février 2008

La blague de James

Petit intermède pour m'amuser.
James Graham (le pote de Bertrand) reprend du service !

Bonjour Miss Angelle,

I hope you understand my english

Here is a picture of Bertrand's grave.
I hope you are happy to see his new house.

I went over his grave yesterday to pray and wish good luck to my old friend in his new home...

Do you believe in God Miss Angelle ?

If yes remember that Bertrand died for you and that God knows everything.

I hope you pray too.

See you,


Elle tombe dans le panneau comme une buse :)
Good evening sir,
You have that sir bertrand was as a father for me and I shall never finish of him(it) cried. [C'est ça !!]
I always think has he and I miss .si a lot he had not died my life shall more be better than today.
Thank you for the pic

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Farewell a dit…


Mortel la pierre tombale ! (sans faire de jeu de mots)

N'empêche, cte fo-cul !