lundi 17 décembre 2007

About Bertrand Laborit

Désolé pour cette petite attente, mais ma connexion internet ces temps-ci n'est plus trop ce qu'elle était...
Le bait d'Angelle Koffi n'est pas fini, loin de là !

Après quelques jours de silence, je réintroduis un nouveau personnage, James Graham, vieil ami de Bertrand, qui s'inquiète de ne plus avoir de nouvelles.
J'envoie donc un petit mail à Angelle depuis une autre adresse :

Subject: About Bertrand Laborit


Bertrand gave me this address, I hope there's someone up there.
I also hope you understand english, please let me know.

Bertrand told me he would give some news about his trip to Abidjan and I've not received any since wednesday.

He was there to meet you, right ?
Did you finally meet ?

I'm pretty much concerned about what could have happened to him since I told him not to leave. But he finally left and was doing this for you I guess.

I don't really care if you're real or not but I'd really like to have some news. Please let me know as soon as possible.

(Si j'ai le temps je traduirai...)
La réponse tarde un peu, et est, comment dire, surprenante :
who are you ?
(oui, juste ça en gros.)
Bon, ok, elle connecte pas, je vais me faire explicatif :
Oh I feel really sorry
I totally forgot to introduce myself. My apologies.

My Name is James Grahamm, I'm one of Bertrand's best friend. You know Bertrand, right ?
I thought he told you about me.

Anyway Bertrand left for Ivory Coast on wednesday and did not give any news ever since.
I tried to contact him by e-mail and by phone (his cell phone should be working) and he did not answer or even pick up.

He told me he was to meet you at Abidjan. Did he eventually meet you ?? Do you know where he is ??
I feel really concerned so please answer as soon as you can. I really hope he is safe.

Best Regards,

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